sanket patil
Senior Software Engineer
July 2024 - Present
Software Engineer
July 2022 - June 2024
Team - Oauth (till present)
  • Involved in design and development of cost optimized cache structure for the user device services which impacted majorly in the infrastructure costs.
  • Contributed to the development of a new onboarding flow enabling historical users to transition to third-party UPI providers.
Team - Oauth (till June 2024)
  • Key developer in migrating 1.180 billion user device records, involving extensive data restructuring and verification through a data reconciliation service. Developed a robust monitoring system that increased the efficiency of the migration process, ensuring accurate data transfer. Conducted voluntary data analysis using visuals to better understand and optimize the migrated data.
  • Enhanced 2FA onboarding flow by developing and improving services and APIs for the device binding process.
  • Established a scalable device management service for 2FA onboarding, handling 1.1 billion devices data and processing a high daily volume of 20 TPS.
  • Played an important role integrating third party UPI payment service providers to the device backend system to continue seamless onboarding of users stricting to the NPCI compliances.
Skills: Java, Spring Boot, AWS, SQL, Redis, Kafka, Grafana, Prometheus, PromQL, LogQL, Data Analysis
Team - Motor Insurance (till November 2022)
  • Built API to fetch, store, and serve vehicle details from third-party vendors for motor insurance.
  • Established caching for vehicle details APIs, improving response times and performance.
Skills: Kotlin, Spring Boot, AWS, SQL, Redis